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Professional Resources

Recommended Professional Resources Specializing in Dyslexia and Literacy
Most are clickable links

Orton-Gillingham Certified Educational Practitioner for Dyslexia and Reading Differences
Bonnie Haley, Advanced Level Certified Orton-Gillingham Educational Practitioner, Merrimack Valley area in Massachusetts, Private Practice in Andover, MA

Neuropsychologists for Dyslexia
Dr. Ann Helmus, NESCA, Newton, MA (does not accept insurance)
Dr. Courtney Lobraico, Offices in Marblehead and Peabody, MA (accepts most insurances)

Executive Functioning Programs and Professionals
Dr. Peg Dawson, Center for Learning and Attention Disorders, Portsmouth, NH
Susan Guirelo, PhD., Andover, MA
NESCA Executive Functioning
ICCD Executive Functioning Program

Educational Advocates and Lawyers for Literacy and Dyslexia
Our belief is that it is important to form a working relationship with your school district, and especially with your special education director. Should you decide you need legal council, get involved with your PAC (parents advisory council) in your town for referrals with professionals who have worked with your school system.

Educational and College Scholarships for Families
IDA Scholarship Program

Resources for Career Success
Creative and Career Success Planning and Coaching by Gail McMeekin