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Professional Resources in and around Merrimack Valley

Orton-Gillingham Reading Tutors for Children, Teens, Young Adults in Merrimack Valley, Andover, MA
Center for Dyslexia Awareness Serving Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire
Professional Resources in and around Merrimack Valley
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Professional Resources Specializing in Dyslexia and Literacy
Recommended specialists to help support your family throughout the entire process who specialize in dyslexia.

Neuropsychologists for Dyslexia
Dr. Ann Helmus, Pediatrics, Newton, MA (does not accept insurance)
Dr. Courtney Lobraico, Offices in Marblehead and Peabody, MA (accepts most insurances)
Dr. Kira Armstrong, Office in Woburn, MA (does not accept insurance)

Orton-Gillingham Certified Educational Tutor for Dyslexia
Bonnie Haley, Advanced Level Certified Orton-Gillingham Educational Tutor, Andover, MA

Therapists Specializing in Dyslexia for children, teens, and adults
Dr. Boaz Levy, Office in Newton, MA (affiliated with McLean's), 617-309-0318

Social Skills for Children and Teens
Peter Pan Center
, Donna Shea, serving many towns in Massachusetts

Educational Advocates and Lawyers for Literacy and Dyslexia
Ellie Hickey, Offices in Woburn and Hingham, MA
Atty. Lillian E. Wong, Reading, MA
Atty. Laura Gillis, Beverly, MA

Educational and College Scholarships for Families
IDA Scholarship Program

Resources for School Success
Lori Day Consulting offers Admissions Counseling, Special Education Counseling, and Writing.  Office in Concord, MA.
Homeschool Central serving the home school community since 1996.

Resources for Career Success
Creative and Career Success Planning and Coaching by Gail McMeekin 
Highly recommended workshops offered by Gail.  Bonnie has attended these and found ways to unblock creative channels which led to the National Society of Creative Dyslexics.

Interesting and fun activities related to dyslexia
Walk for Dyslexia                                     
Conferences and Information
International Dyslexia Association
MABIDA (Massachusetts branch of the IDA) Annual Dinner
September of each year at the MIT Faculty Club, Boston, MA
New Hampshire Branch of the IDA

Inspiration Awards for our Dyslexia Honor Spotlight      
Who with dyslexia has inspired you? 
Please complete the form below to let us know who you think has brought awareness and inspired dyslexia's gifts and made a positive impact! 

Henry Winkler (The Fonz) is an actor and author of children's books.  He writes of his own childhood experiences of being dyslexic and puts a funny spin on his struggles.  We use his books during tutoring sessions.  Henry is a great inspiration to us all!  

The late Stephen J. Cannell is an Emmy award-winning writer/producer and Chairman of Cannell Studios, Cannell overcame severe dyslexia to become one of television's most prolific writers.  He has lived with dyslexia his entire life. In this inspiring video series, he explains dyslexia, misconceptions, challenges and ways to help children with dyslexia. 
Inspiration Awards - Dyslexia Honor Spotlight

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