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Orton-Gillingham Reading Tutors for Children, Teens, Young Adults in Merrimack Valley, Andover, MA

Orton-Gillingham Reading Tutors for Children, Teens, Young Adults in Merrimack Valley, Andover, MA
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Orton-Gillingham is appropriate for children, teens, young adults, and adults.  
Office located in Andover, Massachusetts.

Why Orton-Gillingham?
Orton-Gillingham is a multisensory approach to teaching predictable reading and spelling English language patterns.  Students are taught strategies to use their knowledge to read and spell words with which they are not yet familiar.  It's a program that is adjusted to meet the needs of the student.  Every lesson is written for the student's area of need.  This is a life changing program for any aged person who has dyslexia and reading/spelling differences.

There are important differences between a trained and Certified Orton-Gillingham Tutor
For effective progress, the tutor you select for your child needs to be a Certified, not trained, Orton-Gillingham practitioner.  Many tutors will say they are trained, which means they attended a workshop.  Ask your tutor is they are certified.

It takes dedication and commitment to become certified in Orton-Gillingham.
To earn Orton-Gillingham certification with an Initial and further Advanced level, the tutor has spent 50 to 100 hours in class, reading and writing reports, passing quizzes, a midterm and a final.  The most important step in the Orton-Gillingham certification is that the tutor has passed a 100 to 400 hour supervised practicum.  A supervised practicum provides continual feedback and instruction improvements to ensure the tutor meets high standards in teaching procedures and practices. 

Certified tutors have also had thorough background checks.  Security checks are done as a prerequisite to the Orton-Gillingham certification program.  Often, certified Orton-Gillingham tutors will have a higher hourly rate than non-certified reading tutors, and it is well worth it.  Rates vary because of certification level and experience.  Always ask for references from past families.

Tutoring Expectations (pdf)

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