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How We Began

As a child who has dyslexia, trying to learn to read, spell, and write is difficult in school. To read and spell requires a different way to learn. One in six has dyslexia. Families who have dyslexia are intelligent with unique talents and creativity; including great problem solving skills, whole picture visualization, and often having an intuitive nature. Eighty percent of the English language is predictable and the Orton-Gillingham approach teaches the predictable patterns to effectively read and spell using a multisensory approach: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic pathways to the brain.

A nonprofit, 501(c)(3), located in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, its idea was founded in 2006. After working persistently for over a decade to help her son who has dyslexia learn to read and spell, Bonnie, its founding member, had the vision to promote the strengths of dyslexia and to increase awareness and bring positive change for those who have it.

Help inspire the strengths of dyslexia by getting an evaluation specifically for dyslexia, appropriate remediation, and by helping to bring awareness through your advocacy.